hifi engine


Hi guys,
I have two amp which are bust, I like a good sound but I don't know anything about amps, really. So I am trying to decide which of the two amps I will get repaired, or perhaps both.
The TEAC AG-H500 is a receiver and it blows the fuse when you turn it on. The light on the standby comes on, you switch it on and the fuse blows. I understand from other forums that this is a problem which occurs more often. Supposedly it has been fixed before, apparently not well enough. Frequency range is 55Hz to 42kHz.

The Panasonic SA-700 is a different era and I love the deep sound it has, definitely not clean and 'digital'. I lent it to my brother and he said that one channel didn't work. Apart from this it ha quite a bit of static and I really need someone to service it properly (clean the knobs, etc.) What is also really cool is that it has this quality feel when you handle the controls, etc. Frequency range is 20Hz to 40kHz. I have all the manuals, original box, etc. etc.

The issue is really that I find a comparison difficult as one is more modern the other more old school. I play a lot of vinyl, and I like simple systems with not a lot of bells and whistles. So what I usually jack up to the system are a CD player, an Ipod jack in Aux and a record player.

I have Audiolab Thesis speakers.

Any audio lovers out there who can advise me where to spend my money?