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teac DBX 2A and teac remote RC100

Looking for teac dbx 2a and or teac remote RC 100. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on either one of these please let me know. I have tried several places[ebay,etsy etc]

Re: teac DBX 2A and teac remote RC100


This guy is making 'wireless adapters'. I have no association with him and can't say anything about the quality.

Re: teac DBX 2A and teac remote RC100

I have one of his wireless adapters on a Teac X-1000R Reel-to-Reel and it works great. It pretty much uses any universal remote that can be programmed to control a Sony VCR.

If you can fabricate the connector to connect to the deck, I believe a wired connector would be easy to build. Pinouts should be in the service manual for any of the Teac stuff...