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Teac MB-20 Meter Bridge

I have just bought a Teac 2A mixer with a MB-20 meter bridge and I can't find an operating manual for the MB-20. I am new to hifiengine and maybe just don't know how to search/look for it...??? I would appreciate some help from anybody that is more familiar with this site to direct me, and ultimately if anyone has a manual, to upload or send one to me. I have scoured eBay and looked at many links but haven't had any luck in the apprehension of same. Thanks and Peace, Jimi

Re: Teac MB-20 Meter Bridge

Dear JaS,

Thanks for the link and hook-up! I was able to download and print and the cableing directions helped much. (it all makes so much sense when you see it in black and white...) I'm ready to get 4-tracking, and thanks much for the help. Peace Jimi Paradee

Re: Teac MB-20 Meter Bridge


Unfortunately I don't have current OM. But the SM has some descriptions of controllers and functions inside. Check the link above.

Re: Teac MB-20 Meter Bridge

Dear caffrox,

Thanks much for the SM to the MB-20! Another friend directed me to the operators manual and now with the SM I am making good on my connections and signal flow. I sure appreciate the help. Peace, Jimi Paradee