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TEAC PD-H300 No Drive Motor


I wonder if anyone can help. I just got hold of a Teac PH-H300 CD player. Everything else seems to work, such as the display comes on, tray opens & closes, but the CD is not loaded to the spindle or spun.

I've downloaded the service manual for the C version, but that isn't much help. Does anyone know what's causing this? I think that because neither the head load motor, nor the CD drive motor are working, that it is to do with the chip that drives them, but as I know nothing about this unit, I don't know if it is because in turn, that chip isn't getting a signal, so some experienced advice would be welcome.

I do have equipment for SMD work, so changing a flatpack IC is not a problem (though sourcing it is always 'fun'). I can check for pins, voltages, etc., but I'm afraid my scope is a bit old though (SE Labs SM-111) ;-)


Re: TEAC PD-H300 No Drive Motor

When the tray is fully loaded a switch should be closed; this tells the micro to spin the disc and turn on the laser. Tray gear timing may be off, or the switch may be bad.

Re: TEAC PD-H300 No Drive Motor

Hi Jonnysan and thanks,

However, it wants to play games :-(
I checked out the two switches on the PCB with the motor on it. The tray won't open and close properly and you can see that its action won't work properly, if you interfere with them (even lightly touching the clear plastic casings with a screwdriver), during operation, so I think they are working - they beep OK.
Now, if you put the disc in upside down, it will give it a little kick, click its lens a few times, then say "No disc" - what you'd expect. But when you put the disc in the right way up, it sits there trying to focus its lens and saying "00 0000" indefinitely.
It did, on two occasions though, when the correct way up, actually spin the disc quite fast, after a couple of kicks, but then gave up. Clearly then, the drives for the motors are OK, after all.


Re: TEAC PD-H300 No Drive Motor

The laser may not be working properly. You can try cleaning the lens; I use pure alcohol and a clean swab. You need to be gentle.