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Teac R-919X Problems

I have a TEAC R-919X cassette deck, limited use, no
physical damage and just recently the play function has stopped
working. It powers-up, FFWD's and REW's, but when I push PLAY in
either direction, I hear the transport mechanisms trying to kick in
then stop. At this point none of the switches work - FFWD, REW, or
PLAY. If I turn the power OFF then ON, I'm back to square one and
only FFWD and REW work, push PLAY and the same thing happens over.
Using the remote control has the same result. Any help would be greatly


Teac R-919X Problems

Probably bad belts or dried out lubrication. There is no easy fix, so you will need a tech to work on it.

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Teac R-919X Problems

Cnange the belts ( llat and square one ) , clean with alcohol ...

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Re: Teac R-919X Problems

Hey there I own one and it seems to be mechanically and cosmetically fine except mine seems to wow/flutter a bit when playing tapes???? I can take it in to a service tech with the service manual I bought off eBay and probably get it working but I may let it go too..... I had put it aside for a while and forgot about it actually, I'm gonna dig it out and check it out if I can get it working perfect I will end up keeping it, if not you could have one for parts. Have you looked into any for parts online? Not sure what a parts one is worth but I know what the working one is worth.....

I have a poor quality service manual for the deck as well if you need