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TEAC R-H300 Cassette Player Repair

The current service manual on this site for the R-H300 does not contain data for the transport mechanism on the underneath of the cassette tape deck. I am trying to figure out the proper location for a conical compression spring and a white gear containing a fiber mat that fell out of the deck upon removal from the main chassis. This repair is needed because the take-up reel does not operate during play, causing the tape to wrap around the capstan. Is there a more complete service manual in existence? Does anyone know if repair is possible? Is there any possible replacement for this transport mechanism? This is such a nice unit, it is a shame to have to discard it for what is a small economic part of the whole.

Re: TEAC R-H300 Cassette Player Repair

I don't know if I can help you much, but most of those cassette decks were made in a similar way. The right spindle is for take-up; there might be a rubber tire (or toothed gear) that drives the spindle, but not directly--there is a flat round plastic piece under the spindle (probably the white piece with the 'fiber mat', which is usually felt). On top of that will be the spindle (which needs to be clean); it will have the spring on top to supply compression, and usually has a small plastic piece to hold all of these items down--most just snap on.
Note: the spindle is the hex piece that goes inside the tape. The felt and the bottom of the spindle form a clutch mechanism. If there is no drive of the rubber tire, then you may have a bad belt or lubrication problem. Hope this helps.

Re: TEAC R-H300 Cassette Player Repair

Thanks much Johnnysan, that pretty much describes the mechanism with which I had the problem. You indicate that there should be a plastic thingy to hold the compression spring on the clutch mechanism, which is what I suspected, but was unable to find whatever had popped off - when I opened the unit. Fortunately, I also have an old Nakamichi CassetteDeck2 that worked fine once I cleaned the capstan and pressure roller. Once I digitize all my tapes, I can retire this unit to the attic again and move on to digitization of LPs. Thanks again for your helpful comments.