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Teac R2R deck A-4010SL

I am restoring a Teac A-4010SL deck that is labeled as a Teac A-4010S, but plainly resembles the SL models. However the RA-40 amp does not have the extra bias and equ switches to the right of the VU meters as does the GSL model. The ser # is 176165 and a code date on the capstan running motor capacitor is 70-11 (Nov of 1970), so this deck probably was sold early in year 1971.
I have spent about 3 weeks restoring the mechanics of the deck and now I plan to run a tone tape to check the playback responses.
Are there any Teac R2R techs that can help nail down history of my deck?

Regards, Doug

Re: Teac R2R deck A-4010SL

I have a A-4010SL that needs a new capstan belt. I have the belt but have no idea how to install it. Does anyone have instructions on how to replace this belt? Thanks

Re: Teac R2R deck A-4010SL

There is an eBay seller that sends you the instructions and a free oiler if you buy the belt from him.
It may be worth the extra money to go that route.
Just go to ebay and search for TEAC 4010 belt.

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Re: Teac R2R deck A-4010SL

Hi.Just upload 3 service manuals for a TEAC-A-4010-GSL,A-4010-S and A-4010.I think a few days will be uploaded