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Teac reel to reel replay speed

I recently purchased a Teac A-4010S reel to reel. I remember on my old Superscope there was an external bias control for playback speed, but nothing on this unit. Is there an easy way to adjust this, or do I have to go to the circuit boards? Also, anyone know where I can find auto-reverse sensor tape? Thanks, Kevin

Teac 4010a

The bias is not used at playback. It is needed for recording.
To answer your question: Yes you'll have to be inside the machine at the circuit boards. No easy way of doing this.

For auto reverse I once used that alloy sticky tape that is being used in central heating systems. It comes on a roll in hardware stores. Get the thinnest you can find and cut some pieces to the size you need. This was my 'dirty' fix once. Make the strips not too wide and not too short, so it stays "behind" the tape and can follow the tape guides without getting loose. Call it my 'MacGyver' solution. Thousands of reverse strips for peanuts :-)