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Teac-Tascam 80-8 1/2" reel to reel manuals

I'm looking for the 80-8 users & service manual.

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kenwood kr9600

walter B. Hello,just wondering if theres anyone out there that might know the value of the capacitor that goes across the power switch of the kenwood kr9600 receiver. If so please email me at waltbryan9@hotmail.com. Appreciate it..Walt...

Service manuals 80-8

I still have my 1/2inch Tascam machine- works perfectly.Just serviced it and did some transfers to digital. Nice- drums sound punchy and fat, and the top end is better than I remember.

Try Analog Rules.com......and please thank the guy. He was griping about not feeling the love, for his efforts. It's mostly a pro-audio recording site, but he has REvox, etc, for example.