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Teac V-5RX repair issue

Need help with one of these. Unit is in really good condition, but had to take out the actual transport assembly to fix. The pinch roller was not moving up into place when the heads were moved. Fixed it. In the process, broke the belt to the tape counter. Didn't think it was a big deal, but the unit will now only play for about 2 seconds. Same with FF and REW. If I manually turn the back of the tape counter, the unit continues to play. I presume a sensor in the counter is making sure the tape isn't jammed.

Is there some way to bypass this? I downloaded the service manual, but honestly can't find the particular component involved.

Any help would be appreciated.

Teac V-5RX repair issue

Replace the belt. You don't want to defeat this circuit as it can lead to a destroyed tape.

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Teac V-5RX repair issue

there is a guy in Seattle that runs Northwest Audio. Here's one review---
John Ledbetter, best vintage audio tech, ever! – John Ledbetter at Northwest Audio Services has more Knowledge and experience than any other stereo repair shop near Puget sound.

John has refurbished two Carver MXR 2000 receivers, Fixed a Carver M-1.0T amplifier (power supply capacitor blew, and he fixed my JVC receiver.

After having John do exceptional quality work on my vintage equipment, for a super reasonable price, why would I, or anybody want to have another impersonal shop diagnose it?

There is nobody else anywhere near Puget Sound who can match John's knowledge and experience.

Thank You John!
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I have had the pleasure of doing business with John for a few years. He is meticulous and really cares about his customer. He even took me back into his shop when I needed a repair last year. He told me my unit was toast, but he had a friend that had a better unit for sale. He made the phone calls and I went home with a much better unit. Here's the info...
Northwest Audio Svc.
(206) 728-0369
7614 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA

Good luck!