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TEAC VRDS 10SE Drive Band

I have a TEAC VRDS 10SE which I have owned since 1996. It has been in storage for some years and I have just connected it to a new system. The CD drawer will not open and I am assuming that it is a perished drive band. Does anyone know the procedure for replacement of the drive band? I haven't removed the casing yet. Many thanks to whoever might have an answer,

Re: TEAC VRDS 10SE Drive Band

On most decks the tray has to be manually removed to get to the belt. Some have a screw that stops the tray from coming out, and some have a plastic tab that has to be pushed out of the way. Once the belt is replaced you need to get the gears of the tray meshed properly (timing). This can be quite involved if you've never done it before.

Re: TEAC VRDS 10SE Drive Band

Did you control the beltes?