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TEAC X-1000R

In fast forward/reverse the pinch roller assembly/tape lifters do not retract fully automatically. Must be manually retracted..........any ideas? Suggestions?

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Just want to express a belated thank you to those who commented on my problem. I suspected a "gunked up" mechanism, but appreciate the confirmation from those who know. Problem solved.

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Dried out lubrication on the mechanism.

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I think I got the manual.

Do you want me to have a look on the mechanic diagram, or is the issue solved?

I was the Swedish general agent service-tech for TEAC/ Tascam in the 80's.
I remember we had a great problem with the X-series pinch rollers in bronze, that was suppose to be a bit impregnated with oil, so when the bronze got warm it sort of "sweated" oil. Very nice solution.
But that series was not impregnated. It was BATHED in oil.. So oil came around the plastic black washer on the capstan axle, and out on the tape... And nobody understood why the sound went strange...like...no treble...occasionally! :)

Until yours truly observed this phenomena and could report it. Then the X-series was saved. I just got more work, as a recognition! :D

Im pre-retired nowadays. Ive got a sleepy website at millivolt.se Mostly for technicians who need instruments, and musicians. It will be updated in the coming month....I hope.

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