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TEAC X-2000R Capstan Belt.....

We recently purchased a TEAC X-2000R reel to reel player off of Craigslist that had been sitting in storage for years. We discovered the capstan belt had come apart and needed to be replaced. We did have a repair person in our area (Portland, OR) that would work on these reel to reel players and was quite good. Unfortunately he no longer works on them. After looking at instructions on replacement of the belt, it looks like something me or more likely my husband could handle. Now I am in search of a capstan belt for this machine. I saw a post from several years ago that TEAC still sold the belts for these and tried contacting them twice with no luck. Does anyone know of a reputable source for these belts? From what I've read if you get one that is the right length but not necessarily the right thickness it could cause problems with the machine (although not all posters agreed on that).

Also - any other "simple" maintenance we should do at the same time?


Re: TEAC X-2000R Capstan Belt.....

If you still have the old belt and can measure it you may be able to get a similar belt from MCM Electronics (they are online). You will need the diameter, thickness and width. If you stretch the belt and it's 6.5 inches then the diameter is 13". Width is easy but thickness is a little tricky. Note that the old belt has stretched and you will need one about 1/2 inch smaller in diameter.
If you don't have the belt you can use a piece of string but this takes a bit of patience and dexterity.

Re: TEAC X-2000R Capstan Belt.....

Did you check eBay????
I buy my TEAC belts from seller " tableterner "
There are other belt sellers on eBay.
Search " TEAC belts " if no X2000 belt comes up, just ask any of the belt sellers if they have the belt you need.
Also check the TEAC service manual for a part number, then check other TEAC service manuals to see if it is used in another model and search for a belt that way.

Re: TEAC X-2000R Capstan Belt.....

I finally got in touch with TEAC and they do still sell the belts. I was able to order from them - all is good. Thanks for your help and good suggestions.