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Technic SU Z25 - maintenance


I've rescued one of these Amps with a turntable from a chicken farmer i visited. It was at the back of one of his buildings. Needless to say it's probably been dumped there a while. I've brought both home, vacuumed them both as much as possible with a reduced suction and wiped external services with a damp cloth, some areas got a paint brush dusting and q tipped. Both appear to be working but there is a little distortion/instabilty with the volume and also the bass knob doesn't change the bass level on the amp. Before i open up to dust the amp some more, i wondered if anyone had some advice on what to do next?

Many thanks in advance

Re: Technic SU Z25 - maintenance

if it has been stored for some time, it probably needs the volume, bass, treble and balance controls cleaned, to do this, you will have to remove the cover, now some controls have a hole in the control for this purpose and some do not, if they do, get a can of contact cleaner and spray just a little bit in each control while moving them at the same time. you may have to do it a couple of times, if it has slide controls, you can apply the cleaner in the slot the slider moves in without taking the cover off, try your local electronic repair shop for contact cleaner or an electronics parts store, hope this helps