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Technics configuration between SA-DA8 amp and SH-8058 equalizer

Hello there
I think I could get help from experts here ;)

I'm the happy new owner of the Technics configuration written in the tittle, meaning
-a SA-DA8 receiver
-a SH-8058 graphic equalizer
-a Technics phono
-a toslink wired TV/ADSL box (could be plug via other ways, if needed)
-a toslink wired macPro (could be plug via other ways too)

My question is: is there a way to have the whole configuration wired to the equalizer, thus the sound from every component of the system monitorized by this equalizer, using the TAPE in/out possibilities of the receiver?

Please excuse my bad english and my poor skills in HI-FI systems

Thanks for any answers that could help

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Re: Technics configuration between SA-DA8 amp and SH-8058 ...

Have you tried connecting SH-8038 to TAPE/MD connections on back of SA-DA8 then press tape monitor on front panel?

SA-DA8 ... SH-8038
Rec out -> line in
Play in <- line out

The user manual says: The tape monitor cannot be used when TV, DVD, or CD digital input is being used.

So might only work if you connect the sources using analogue (phono socket) inputs not TOSlink.