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Technics hd50

Can I attach a vinyl record player to this hi fi and play thro the aux setting?

Re: Technics hd50


The Aux input is for LINE LEVEL inputs that do not need equalization. Most Hifi turntables use a phono cartridge that is directly connected to the receiver. These types of turntables require a PHONO LEVEL input and RIAA equalization. If you want to use this with an AUX input, you will need an external PHONO PREAMP in order to boost the signal to LINE LEVEL and equalize it so that it sounds normal.

Here is an example of one on the Netherlands site of ebay. It isn't an endorsement of this particular product or seller, just using it as an example.



Re: Technics hd50

Thanks so much for that, will go ahead, I have a good supplier here.