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Technics P205C Mk3

Going through my collection of bits and bobs I came across my old Technics 205 cartridge. As I recollect, this particular baby has always been revered as a true "top-end" cartridge but I never owned a set up good enough to use it to its best advantage.
This is the pretty, dark red P205C Mk3. Technics p-mount (needs an adaptor for a conventional tonearm), boron tube cantilever, 5Hz - 80 kHz and is fitted with a 205 elliptical diamond stylus. I would guess it's had maybe no more than 3 hours use after which it was put away and substituted with a more robust Ortofon.
Now, i'm considering selling it. It's in perfect condition, boxed (a bit tatty) c/w original handbook and original frequency response test trace. In addition I have a replacement stylus EPC-205ED3. Virgin, unused, unopened and factory sealed.
It's now extremely rare and appears to be almost unobtainable. I've seen faulty ones sold on Ebay for silly money and a couple of US websites quoting $2000 - if they could find one.
Any opinions, valuations or offers?

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Technics P205C Mk3

Hi. Did you end up selling the above items?


Technics P205CMK3 p-mount stylus

Please let me know if you want to sell the p-mount stylus.

Technics P205C Mk3

Also definitely interested in the cartridge and spare stylus.