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Technics RS 615


Can someone tell me what type (or the impedance) is the playback head for Technics RS 615?


Re: Technics RS 615


The head is a QWY4107Z, I don't know the exact impedance, it's not mentioned in the service manual...
It also can be found in the Technics RS-263AUSD by the way.
Hope I could help you.

Re: Technics RS 615

Thank you very much, Tamerlan.
I also browse the service manual Technics RS-263AUSD, but i did'n find the impedance. I look for this value because I 'm not sure that the deck had the original head (i borought it from a thrift shop, the price was very good, looks very good, works very good, so I can't help myself and...).
Once again, thank you anyway for your help (and excuse my enghlish please)