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Technics RS-TR515 - Reel Assembly repair?

Hello again,

I'm glad I was able to find a Technics cassette deck (RS-TR515) - it came complete with the receiver and CD player (all in great shape) - except for some de-oxit needed on the receiver volume knob AND a missing/broken REEL ASSEMBLY on the deck 1.

Here is a photo that illustrates the problem:

Do you have any suggestions on how to repair/replace the broken/missing reel assembly? I think I need a new spring and the little black piece (sorry I don't know the correct name) that hold the sprocket (that I'm holding on the photo) and the spring (missing) behind it.

I am also trying to find the Service Manual for the RS-TR515. I was only able to find it in Japanese, and I can't even see the reference as the numbers are also in Japanese. Is is the same of any other model?

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Re: Technics RS-TR515 - Reel Assembly repair?

Probably the only source for parts would be a junker unit; eBay would be the best place to look.
If the spring does not supply enough tension you can sometimes pull them apart a bit more. Those reel tables are held on with either a snap on cap, split washer or C washer. If there is a felt pad under the reel table it needs to be cleaned and dried, and the plastic under the felt needs to be cleaned also; use alcohol.

Re: Technics RS-TR515 - Reel Assembly repair? Service Manual?

Hello Johnnysan,

Thanks for your quick reply. I took another close up picture of the still functioning Reel Assembly. I can fill with my fingers that is a 2 parts piece, there is like a "snap cap?" that holds the sprocket and spring in place.

The light grey part on the left side (under the missing sprocket) there is some sort of rubber material (sorry I don't know the technical name).

By looking at the photo above, which other decks would may have the same part?
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem simple to find one, there's not even the exact same model of deck currently on sale on ebay! :(

Re: Technics RS-TR515 - Reel Assembly repair? Service Manual?

Most of those decks will have a metal shaft that the spindles ride on; I don't see any shafts. Have parts been removed?
The spindle on the right seems to be the type that takes a split washer; this is a very small dark plastic washer that fits into a groove on the shaft and holds the spindle in place.
The rubber material you describe is probably the tire; it fits into a groove in a plastic roller. These can usually be cleaned with alcohol.
Since the service manual is not available it's hard to tell which other decks would use the same parts.