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Technics SA-5270 Bulb Replacement

I just scored one of these receivers and I am fairly new to this. 2 of the 3 fuse-type bulbs that illuminate the dial are burnt out. I would like to replace but the original part (Panasonic XAMR54T 12.6V .38A) is no longer available. I have read about fashioning LED's to replace these but have very little knowledge of electronics. I would be willing to take a stab at it, but wondering if the bulbs below would work as a replacement eve though they don't have the same specs (12V and 150mA)


Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Re: Technics SA-5270 Bulb Replacement

I think the 12.6 volt 150ma fuse type lamps will work. They may not be as bright. I never liked the LED lamps, but I think you can find them on eBay.