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Technics SA-5470 owner's manual needed

My Technics SA-5470 receiver won't fire up the left side speakers. I've switched the leads and both speakers work when on the right side. I'm not sure what the problem may be. Could it be a fuse? They both seem to be ok.

Any help would be appreciated.

Technics SA-5470 owner's manual needed

The unit should have 2 speaker fuses. You should be able to see if one is bad (the filament separates)
You can also switch the fuses to see if the problem moves from one channel to the other.

If the same (left) side is out, try FM, AM, and AUX input to isolate where the problem is. If AM and Aux works on both, then the problem is related to the FM mux section.

If the channel is out on everything, then the problem is the amplifier (Driver, outputs), preamps, tone, volume or balance circuits.

Try tapping on the switches in the front, one at a time to see if you get anything. These get dirty and cause problems.

Exercise the all of the controls to see if they are dirty. (fully clockwise, then fully counterclockwise) Do this for all controls except volume. Volume you should just increase and decrease to see if it dirty.

If it has a rotary function switch play with this a bit to see if you get intermittent sound.

Let me know if you get anything