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Technics SA-EH60 Amp short circuit?

Every part of the deck seems to work and is receiving power.
However, when turning on the amp it turns off within a second.
I am guessing this is due to a short circuit, there must be too much power going in from somewhere or a fuse has blown?
I checked the circuit board etc looking for any burned/damaged components and found none.
Looking for any suggestions on how to reset the amp/identify any fuses I may not have seen and anything else to make this old beast work again!


Re: Technics SA-EH60 Amp short circuit?

The most likely failure is the power amplifier module. The easiest test is to unsolder all the pins (don't remove the module) so that it is out of the circuit. Power up and see if it still shuts down; if not, the module is probably bad.