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technics-sa300 repair

hello i just recentley purchased a technics-sa300 from a thift store.A steal at 9.99! but anyway it needs some help.it constantly crackles outta the right channel.the speakers are known good.Ive had a sa-200 and a sa-600 and sold them both,and this time im putting my foot down and learning how to fix this stuff,i have closets full of old stuff.i work at an auto parts store so i could use tools and follow direction.please tell me where i can start? i hit all the switches with contact cleaner so far.And i also need some bulbs,but where do start? can some one lead me to a beginners check list? ive read the manual on this site but im unclear on component fuctions,like for example where and what is a leaky capacitor and what are the symptoms? or how do i change a brake solenoid on a Pioneer-ct9191? please some help or tell me where to start reading..thank you so much in advance!

Re: technics-sa300 repair

That model uses audio amplifier modules; one of them may be bad. You should first check all the soldering connections at the pins and surrounding area. They are STK0039. I think they may be available on eBay.
You could also have bad connections in other circuits like the tone controls and pre-amps.
There could be many symptoms with leaky capacitor; if they are in a power supply and are used for filtering you might get humming in the audio, or excessive current draw that will cause a power transformer to overheat or the capacitors can heat up or even explode. Leaky coupling capacitors can cause distortion. You can write a book about leaky capacitors.
What makes you think the brake solenoid is bad? I've only replaced a couple in my life. Basically it's an electromagnet, so it works on DC. What usually goes bad in a brake solenoid circuit is switches or the power supply that delivers current to the solenoid.