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Technics SH 8020 graphic equaliser.

Hi Folks...new to forums and all that stuff. its been pretty helpful since i decided to move on from my ageing (10 year+) equipment. Set-up within last few weeks is Marantz CD63 MkII KI-Sig cd player (8 yrs), Linn Kairn pre-amp (recent purchase), Nytech CPA602 power amp (purchased s/h 6 yrs ago), Castle harlech speakers (s/h 10 yrs ago), and Technics sh 8020 eq (s/h few weeks ago). I don't have the owners manual for the Technics EQ and would be grateful for access to the manual. Any guidance on how best to connect to my set-up welcome.

I understand the fact i use a Linn pre-amp should negate need for EQ but i do occassionally like to tweak the music a bit, so maybe a solution which by-passes the amps would be okay?