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Technics SL-BL3 (or,MCS model 6725) linear tracking TT - need S307 Interlock switch

Hopefully there are one or two service techs in the A/V repair field that may have serviced this particular table. I am looking for the "interlock" switch that detects the position of the TT lid. Once it closes and detects there is a record on the platter it commences operation of the linear tracking tone arm. I suspect this switch is a high failure rate part due to the numerous cycles it endures while in use. The switch in the table I am repairing has fallen apart and therefore halts the microprocessor.

I need to add that same switch is used in the JCP MCS model 6725. This is the actual table I have on the bench. It is no secret JCP sourced electronics from Technics and labeled them Modular Component System.

If you are an ET that may have NOS of this part, I will buy one. Please make an entry in the forum to let me know. After that I will follow up with you for the specifics.

Thanks for reading my inquiry.

Re: Technics SL-BL3 (or,MCS model 6725) linear tracking TT - ...

Somebody, anybody have a salvage turntable for sale for parts? I realize I may not find the NOS leaf switch I'm looking for but at this point I'm willing to compromise.