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Technics SU-6 / STK series amplifier chips

Do people see alot of these Technics or similar with the same fault? One channel is very quiet and fuzzy. I've had 2 now with this same fault I think that its a problem within the STK2028 Chip. I haven't had alot of success with replacing STK series chips in the past so i'm not sure if i will bother with this one or not? Has anyone else had trouble replacing STK series chips? When i mean trouble i mean having replaced them you end up with 2 channels that are distorted? I do wonder if the chips available on a well known auction site are what they say they are?

Found the manual on this site of course


Re: Technics SU-6 / STK series amplifier chips

It is possible to get a new module that is bad; it's happened to me. You also need to check all the components connected to any pins of the modules; a bad module can damage diodes and resistors.
You should also carefully check all solder connections; most of the time I just resolder all connections to make sure.