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Technics SU-V505 amplifier problem

Can anyone suggest an answer -
I have the above Technics amp and I am having problems with the amp cutting off speakers with no apparent reason. No short circuits or overload conditions exist. Speaker relay will drop out and cut off speakers intermittently and will need a restart to clear - sometimes not clearing until after several minutes.
Speakers fitted are wharfdale 6ohm 100W so definitely not lower than the min 4ohm.
Sometimes amp will work for hours and no problem. Sometimes it will cut out after a few minutes or even less.
What is wrong?


Re: Technics SU-V505

Hi, had this problem quite a few times, the most common fault which causes your problem is either
1, The speaker relays become dirty, remove and clean contacts on all relays

2, another comon fault is the wafer switches which are connected to the input switches are dirty, they are no longer available new, but spray a small amount of contact cleaner on the and crank the input knob a few times, this should fix the problem

Hope this helps