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Telefunken DA-1000

Hello ! I need the service manual and the user manual for my Telefunken DA-1000.

Also I am interested,if anybody knew more about those years Telefunken's line up of the 1000 series...I couldn't found no info on the net.

Telefunken did some master work at the time...any news are welcome !
Thank you !

I have the same one. Output

I have the same one.

Output relays won't engage and volume can not be adjusted.

Very weird piece of equipment with built in DA.

All sites I find want money for the manual, let's do our best without it!

Good luck!


thanks for your answer, I think a major connector servicing and resolder will do marvels...the default is not twice the same...I will also try to make some tuning on... the final amp power supply for the beginning..I think it will worth the efort!

Best Wishes !