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Test Mode for Kenwood DP-R791/R-891/R4430 Disc Changer. How to?

Can anyone assist in helping me get a DP-R4430 into test mode?
I've tried key/power button combinations for other Kenwood CD players and have located the header with tp's. So far other Kenwood unit key combos don't seem to get me there.

Not particularly needing the service manual but a few pages or just the procedure to check/adjust the laser would be a big help.

I moved pretty far and now it will play and the audio pauses for several seconds as if you hit pause. The timer will freeze and then it plays again. Most every CD I play. I tweaked in the rf for a clean eye pattern using my trusty YEDS-18 and Tek 'scope. It's a bit better but still pauses randomly.

Greatly appreciated and thanks!