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Thorens TD 160/160 Super

Hi everyone. I have two Thorens turntables, both of which have a slight "flutter" or Tremelo effect on organ music audible on such material as Flute sustained notes. It is very fast, but can be heard at times. I tracked this down to subchassis excitation being transmitted to the stylus. The HI Fi news test disc really showed it up. Despite many and various attempts, I have never managed to get rid of it. I therefore decided to downgrade to a Shure M75 EJ for the standard TD 160 with the TP 16 arm, thinking that the lower compliance may help eradicate the problem. Question is, is the Shure a good match for that arm? (I'm still waiting for the cartridge to arrive).

The other turntable which actually I do not use, TD 160 Super, has the SME 3009/II arm, which again shows a similar trait. Any suggestions to cure?

I acquired a Ariston RD11 Superiere TT, fitted that with a Rega arm, Line contact Ortofon Cartridge, New motor (Origin Live) as that also had the same "fault". Lo and behold on the Ariston it is now as solid as a rock. Were Thorens just not that stable?

Finally, Shure replacement styli....any ideas who to go with? are there any to avoid? I ordered one (Shure 75 EJ) from Sound and Light.....any comments?