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Trio AF-270 AM/FM Tuner

I am chasing a circuit diagram from this tuner. It is a 10 valve (tube) unit dating from approx 1959.
Mains wiring to the transformer suggests that this was constructed for the U.S. though I’m told the dual AM tuners makes this an Australian model. A previous owner has modified the wiring for 240v operation.
The unit works but output is very low, especially on AM.
I don't have a technical background and my experience is with AM sets only.
Any assistance will be gratefully received.

Re: Trio AF-270 AM/FM Tuner

You may not need a schematic. Receivers of that vintage need to have electrolytic and paper capacitors replaced. Mica capacitors are probably OK. If the tubes test good and performance is still poor, then an alignment may be in order. Some capacitors that have a plastic body are still paper capacitors; that is a reference to the dielectric.

Re: Trio AF-270 AM/FM Tuner

Thanks Johnnysan, what you say makes sense.
The electrolytics have been done. I'll dig a bit deeper & see what I find in the way of paper capacitors. I'm cautious about going down the alignment path without a schematic, so that I know exactly what I'm playing with.