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Trio (Kenwood) KX930 Belt

Hello Everyone

Really sorry to bug you all, but I've just acquired a VERY smart Trio KX920 cassette deck (top loader)that needs a new belt(s?). I paid £10 UK for it and want to get it working with my Trio 4002a amp ... what size belt do I need? I know it's a DOH! question but I don't have a user manual.

Any help would be very much appreciated,


Re: Trio (Kenwood) KX930 Belt

The service manual does not list the belt size. You can make a logical guess if you use a piece of string to wrap around the pulley and flywheel. Get a belt about an inch smaller in diameter so there is tension when installed. Then measure the gap in the pulley--the belt width will be about 10% less than this.