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Trying to find manuals for "Kenwood, Model Eleven GX" receiver.

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I have recently acquired this receiver (Kenwood Model Eleven GX), it does have some issues, so it is currently in the shop getting a tune up. Meanwhile I am looking to find any manuals, (Owners, Operators, Service, etc.), available for this receiver specifically. It has an abundance of buttons and switches, which I do not know all of the uses for, and ofcourse, I would like to maximize the units full potential. There are two listings for Kenwood model eleven receivers in the manual sections on this site, ("Model Eleven", and the "Super Eleven"), though they do not offer the exact one I have. I have contacted Kenwood and they are supposedly looking into finding it for me, but we shall see. So in the meantime if anyone else may have the manuals and you would care to share them online, or even sell or donate them to me via the mail, please let me know. Also if anyone has a source that may offer the manuals please let me know. Thank you to anyone who may be able to offer any help whatsoever.