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Turntable for my System

Hi there,
Can anyone help me, please ?
I have a Technics Amplifier SU-X102....and I'm looking for a Turntable that is, let's say, specially designed for this type of Amp...and I'm just looking for the Turntable's code
I also have the ST-X302 Tuner that controls the entire Audio line.

Thanks a bunch

Turntable for Technics Amp

Hi, just about any turntable will work with this amp, as your amp has a Phono input. Turntables output a low-level signal with a special equalization that must be decoded by an amplifier through the phono input. There are 2 types of cartridges available on turntables - Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC). Your amp would accept a MM type (which probably represents about 99% of the equipment you will see out there).

There are many very nice "vintage" turntable brands available (and Technics made some of the best) and of course you can still purchase new. Look for solid / heavy construction with a minimum of plastic. If you are looking at used, try to find something made not later than the early 80's (unless the brand is a known higher-end) Look for cartridges that mount to the headshell with screws (rather than a plug-in type called a P-Mount).

I don't know where you are located so I am not sure what sort of resources are available to find equipment. You have to be careful if you are looking at used equipment. Older equipment often comes with cartridges with a needle (stylus) probably needing replacement and often older models have hard-to-find needles or needles no longer available. New cartridges can be purchased. There may also be pieces missing off old turntables (counterweights is an example) that can cause you grief. Also shipping turntables often results in receiving broken equipment due to poor packing. Finally, look for a model with documentation either coming with it or available on-line - this will help you set it up properly.

If you are just getting into vinyl, see if there is a local shop specializing in older equipment. They would have something that has been checked-out.

I suggest you register on the sister-site of hifiengine - vinylengine.com and ask in the forum there for suggestions. There is also a large library of manuals for turntables there.

Good luck!

Thank you for your

Thank you for your answer.
It's very good pointed.

I'm into vinyl for about 2 years now and I've just changed my audio system to a better one (at least that is what I think).

My older Pioneer System dates around the beginning of the 90's. I had some problem with my older turntable and I thought a new one would be a better choice.

Most appreciate your answer, and I will register onto the vinylengine.com forum.
Hope I'll see you there too...;o)