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Hi,i have a tvv43 phono preamp that came with a dual 1009 turntable i purchased a while ago.my question is,do i need the phono preamp if im hooking up this turntable to a more recent integrated amp,eg.kenwood ka7100 that has a preamp already.the duals were purchased with a fisher kx100 tube integrated amp and the turntable i have hooked up works,sounds just fine without a preamp.i guess what im asking is what is the purpose of the tvv43

Re: tvv43

If it works, don't fix it.

The KX100 is 60s technology, and probably needed a pre-amp. If the Kenwood works and sounds fine without the pre-amp, use it.

Re: tvv43

"what im asking is what is the purpose of the tvv43"

It is intended for use with amps which have no phono input.
It is of low quality and almost all phono inputs on integrated
and preamps will be better. I would even hook up to the
fisher kx100 without this TVV47.