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two questions regarding a Nikko STA-5010 receiver

Question 1: where can I obtain the "fuse like" panel indicator light bulbs?
Question 2: what is the likely faulty component that would cause the left channel on FM stereo mode to be out? Both channels of the amperfier is functional.
Any response is greatly appreciated.

Dear ray,the fuse like

Dear ray,

the fuse like bulbs you can get sometimes in a good electronic parts shop or at ebay ( depending to your country ). You need 6,3 V, 200 mA !

Typical they are offered with 7V / 250 mA. Maybe the current will be a bit to high, so the transformer could be damaged ( ? ).


A better way, I think , is, to order the bulbs for Marantz ( 8 V, 250mA ).
At the lower voltage of 6,3 V they are consuming only 196 mA.

And this will fit.

Here the link :


To your second question: As you can see in the schematics ( you can download here ) , there is a stereo pll decoder ic in the right corner of page 3 ( IC 401, üPC 554 C ). Check first, if there is a signal at pin 11 ( = left chanel ( pin 12 = right chanel )). Than check the input switch ( FM, AM, Phono etc. ). If both seems to be o.k., the faulty must be between them, likely it is the capaciator C 408 ( 10üF ).


Bulbs / Lamps

The fuse type bulbs can be gotten from MCM Electronics, Parts Express & others. I like to try and get bulbs that are a higher voltage as they will run cooler & last a lot longer. Usually the reduction in brightness isn't that bad & very acceptable.

Another option is to convert them to LED's. You can either do the yourself by buying the LED's & Resistors as needed or check out E-Bay and buy Fuse Style LED lamps all made up. Though I must warn you that the LED won't have the same look as the bulbs will & you might not like the look.