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UHER 4400 Report IC R/P Head Compatibility

Hello All

I'm in the process of renovating a Uher 4400 Report IC and I've come across something I've never seen before - the Record/Play head is totally open circuit!! None of the wires are broken as far as I can see, there's just no continuity at all on either track.

I have an older, rather corroded, 4400 Report that was beyond repair, so I've been using it for spares. The R/P head is a bit worn but perfectly functional and each track measures around 160 Ohms DC resistance. On fitting it to the Report IC playback works OK but I haven't had a chance to check record as there are some electronic issues I have to sort first....

The two heads look slightly different though - the older head has a slightly different construction with a pair of nuts at the rear of the head assembly. Before I get too carried away setting everything up post repair, does anyone know whether 4400 Report heads would be electrically compatible with a 4400 Report IC?

Thanks in advance for any help,