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uploading and sharing

I have a manual I've recently scanned but it exceeds the limit to upload . how can I share this ? I've wanted to contribute to the site for a while now.


uploading and sharing

Do not know if this will be helpful?

1) make sure the scans are in JPG (or any other compressed format) and not uncompressed like BMP.
2) If a typical black and white manual, reduce colour content to 2 colours. (this needs clean scans).
3) if in jpg increase the JPG compression ratio.
4) scan only at 300dpi and not higher.

Each of the above steps will shrink a file, but not guarantee it will still be legible and fit for purpose

If the above are done, then a typical manual will compress down and fit in the download limit.

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uploading and sharing

Hi folks,
I have a couple of pages that someone might find useful regarding the Moscode 300 and 600 hibrid amplifers