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Uploading files problem

I was trying to upload a couple of Onkyo service manuals and got the following error message block:

Sorry, uploading files in this format is not allowed. Please ensure your file names follow this format.

1. Entire file cannot exceed 48 characters
2. Format should be filename extension or filename
3. Legal characters are 1-9, a-z, A-Z, _, -, space

The two files I wanted to upload are:

H:\000 - Techdata\Audio\Onkyo\TX-SR706, TX-SA706.pdf and
H:\000 - Techdata\Audio\Onkyo\HT-RC270[B].pdf

The \ is simply part of the path on my computer so the uploader knows where to look and the brackets in the filename of the second one don't seem to make a difference [I removed them from the filename but still no go].

From what I can see, the filenames followed the 3 rules above. Any suggestions?

Uploading Files

Bumping this to the top.

I would like to contribute to files to your site, as I have been helped by some of the files I have found here.

Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong when trying to upload?