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User Manual for AKAI GX 75 or GX 95

Need User Manual for AKAI GX 75 or GX 95.

Nikko Alpha II

I just downloaded the Manual. THANK YOU
A little 'blurry', what way ahead of working blind!!

awia wx220 double casset deck

I have had this deck for years.
And one days years ago it just stopped working,
Where can i get it fixed?
I live in Pensacola Florida.
Will I ned to get a Stematic for anyone to fix it???
Thank you....racurran

i think i put this in the wrong forum...but i still could use the help

User Manual for AKAI GX 75 or GX 95

I have UM only for GX75MKII/GX95MKII. Is it suitable for you?

UM Akai GX75

Do you have the UM in .pdf format?
If yes, can you mail it to me


Thanx in advance

UM Akai GX-75

Do You have the UM for AKAI GX-75? Can You send me per email?

If possible, hank you for that. Greetings from germany.

Akai GX75mkII manual

Hi, I'm interested in UM of GX75mkII tape deck. I'm looking for information about heads adjusting, also further data about calibration process and actual role of bias & level control. Could you make UM available it for me please? Thx in advance
brand)new hifiengine user

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heads adj./calib

got it?
- what more do you have to know?
no1 is always dont touch the heads anyway...