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User Manuals

Rather than make a bunch of different threads, these are a few User Manuals I would like to acquire. I'm going to use abbreviated model numbers, so that anyone else looking for the same won't find a dead end post. If anyone can help, simply add the correct model number in your comment/reply. PIONEER (SeeTea-Ess99WR Cassette Deck) - ; - TEAC (doubleU-750are Cassette Deck) - ; - YAMAHA (See-70 Control Amp ~ Preamp) - ; - AIWA (ADee-Ess40 Cassette Deck) - ; - SHARP (AreTea-doubleU800 Cassette Deck) - ; - MAGNAVOX (EmEx891 Pro 5.1 A/V receiver) - ; - NAD TwoOneFour Power Amplifier. I hope I'm doing this right and not confusing anyone. If this format is not kosher, hopefully, someone will tell me. Thanks.