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Using a preamp with an integrated amp

I recently purchased an integrated amp it is a:

YAQIN MC-10L EL34 Class A Integrated Tube Amplifier SV

Input Power 110V-240V AVAILABLE
Output Power 52W x 2 "8 ohm"
Valve / Tubes 4 x EL34B
Frequency 20Hz-60kHz "±1.5dB 10W"
Lose true degree 2% "40W"
Signal/Noise Ratio 85dB "A Weight"
Load impedance 8ohm or 4ohm
Signal Inputs Level 300mv
Input Consumption 250w
Input Jack 4 groups
Size Dimension W 470mm x H 310mm x D 180mm
Colour Silver Body & Black Power Supply
Weight 22kg
Packing Includes All Tubes, 1.5m Power Cord & Hex Key

I am replacing my Dynakit ST-70 with it. It has four inputs and the only controls are a volume, on/off and a selector for the four inputs. I have a DYNAKIT PAS3 and I am wondering about using it as one of the four inputs. Four inputs are just not enought for me, three turntables, CD, DVD, AM/FM, two reel to reels, a cassette recorder and an output to my computer for turning my vynil into CD's.
Am I asking for trouble putting a preamp into an integrated amp's input?
Any help would be appreciated.