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Vector Research VCX-650 Cassette Deck

Nice deck and well laid out, currently the motor runs but controls not responsive would love a service manual to trace the function. Rare deck tho! Well laid out inside.


Re: Vector Research VCX-650 Cassette Deck

The tact switches may be oxidized....at least that happened in the older Vector decks. If the switch is rectangular and about 4 mm high, gently pry the button out and clean the ribbed contacts beneath.

Re: Vector Research VCX-650 Cassette Deck


Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to see it run. The transport is very innovative and the circuit board is well laid out with graphics for all the functions. Given the cramped setting around the front I was unable to see where the power to the board came from. But I can try this first. Your description of the switch is accurate. The switches are on their own sub circuit board. Great specs too!