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Vector Reserch amps?

Does anyoe know anything on Vector Research amps i have never heard of them?

Vector research

I use to sell their line when I had a business(early eighties). Not bad equipment. sort of higher end product. They were a small outfit out of Chatsworth California and very easy to deal with but did not last long. I think there were defunct by mid to late 80's? Their pc boards look similar to NEC made products.

Vector Research

Hi (first time caller) Yes what you have said about Vector Research seems to be what I can gather about them too. Recently I picked up a second-hand tuner Vu-1500, which I understand to be the lower end range. Yes mid 80's but nice faceplate and works well. Made in Taiwain on sticker @ rear of unit. Took a peak inside as lights for FM signal not working and am seeking both user & service manual. Came with an AM bar pick-up thingy. Sits under my A&R cambridge A60, similar width but much deeper.

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Yes, I also was a dealer. I

Yes, I also was a dealer. I believe most was made by Fulet of Taiwan as was a lot of Proton and NAD. It was a good way to get upper mid-fi for a good price. Went kind of downhill when they went " full line " and the OEM crisis of that time began.