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Vintage New In The Box Units-Powering Up

I sell new in the box vintage audio gear, and I've heard that since they've been sitting around for years, there may be issues with the caps.

Does anyone know if this is true? If so, are there ways to power the units up to avoid damage?

Also, I can't find the webmaster's contact info on this site, and I have over 30 manuals to contribute to the site. I don't want upload everyone of them myself, I would rather mail a couple of CD's to the webmaster. I also have tons of pictures of the units I've sold that could be used on this site.



Vintage New In The Box Units-Powering Up

AFAIK capacitors do age on the shelf, so if it where me I'd power up using a Variac, slowly bringing up the voltage to full mains level, then putting the units on soak test. A quick look around the board should show up any obvious problems like bulging/leaking capacitors, not to mention the smell of failed electrolytics.


PS I'm afraid we aren't accepting mailed in submissions at the moment but you are welcome to submit manuals via the upload form, or images directly to the gallery pages. Be sure to include any name/link you want including on the news page.