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VTL Compact 100

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As stated in the subject, I recently bought a pair of VTL Compact 100 mono power amplifiers. I absolutely love the sound, but one of the two amplifiers runs for about 2.5 hours and then blows the thermal fuse in the loudspeaker tap. I'm relatively sure that there must be a leaky capacitor in the B+ somewhere, but rather than hunt for the culprit, I'd REALLY like to have a schematic. That secretive little twit, Mr. Manley, was afraid that if he ever published schematics for his amps, the DIYers would rip off his work. Therefore those of us who have legitimately purchased VTL products are SOL if we need service.

Does ANYONE know where to find schematics for these amplifiers? I'll break them apart & draw my own if absolutely necessary, but I'd sure prefer not to have to.

Cordially - Boomzilla