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WANTED: Acoustech V Control Amplifier, circa 1967

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I own an Acoustech V that I built from kit when I was 23!

I would like to buy a second one, if you have one that you are willing to sell to me?

Bob Clarke
Morrisburg, Ontario

ACOUSTECH V Integrated Amplifier, Very nice looking and Working

This message is for Bob
Sorry for the long delay in posting it.
Finally my unit goes for eBay auction no later than sunday 9-25-11


I have an ACOUSTECH V in excellent working and cosmetic condition. I will post it on eBay next week. So you can check it out in Vintage electronics>Integrated Amps

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Acoustech V on Ebay

Hi Gabe!
NICE! I'm looking forward to the chance to bid on it! I haven't seen your "ad" yet. Have you posted it yet? Maybe I missed it? Ket me know please?