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Was Luxman L-100 sold in UK?

I would be grateful if anybody out there can help me with info on this;
Was integrated amplifier Luxman L-100 ever sold in UK, with 240 volt power supply? All the examples I have been able to find run on European or American voltage.
If anybody has a 240v L-100 I would love to hear from you, with any thoughts on reliability or sound quality particularly welcome.
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Re: Was Luxman L-100 sold in UK?

Inside next to a fuses are connector 100/120/220/240Volt ! Just put it to the 240V !

Re: Was Luxman L-100 sold in UK?

If you do this, make sure your fuse is applicable to the new voltage. Replace if necessary.

Re: Was Luxman L-100 sold in UK?

Luxman has always had European appeal, and really, sold better in European regions like Germany rather that the U.S. It would really shock me if ANY Luxman product was only sold in Japan or U.S or any region exclusively. U.S was usually the last to hear about new Luxman products. I found a Luxman L-100 in a German catalogue from 1975. Germany is on 230V. So you CAN get a European version, but finding it would be very difficult.

As far as the sound, I have never owned this particular model, but as a collector of Luxman, I can assure you that it has not only a powerful deep sound, but will be probably the clearest sounding stereo you've witnessed. I used to be a collector of Pioneer, I owned some of the best examples of Pioneer's amps, but they can't hold a candle to what ANY Luxman can give you.