hifi engine


How do I contact the site Webmaster. I have minor bits of information, like http://www.toshiba.ca/web/home is a better(English) site than the Japanese site provided on the Toshiba page. I also have 80 to 100 pictures of stereo equipment, but no means to decrease their size to fit hifiengine's upload parameters. Also I would like a quick simple tutorial on how to make multi page pdf files; When I scan the pages of an Owner's or Service Manual, each page comes up as an individual document.

Image Resizing

There are numerous free programs available for resizing images eg Picasa but as I've used Photoshop for years I'm afraid I can't recommend one. Unfortunately it's not possible to increase the size limits in the gallery upload section as they are there to reduce server load and disk usage.

As for PDFs, it depends on the program you are using? I use Acrobat Pro which has a 'create PDF from multiple files' option. I haven't used other programs to make PDFs so I couldn't say if this is possible with the software you are using?

FWIW all library documents/scans are cleaned up/optimised and rebuilt as new PDF documents (to ensure ISO 19005 compliance for compatibility) so there is no need to upload finished PDF files. Jpegs/Gifs etc are fine.