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Wharfedale Airedale Speaker Value

Greetings from a new member of less than 15 minutes. I've already found this site immensely helpful for locating long extinct user manuals.

I inherited a pair of Wharfedale Airedale speakers, bought brand new in England when my father-in-law was in the Air Force. I've heard them play at his house before he passed away, so I know they are in fine operating condition (he took excellent care of his entire audio system, the rest of which I also now have). I'll soon have a vintage receiver of some sort to listen to them with myself, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone had any idea of what their present value is? As mentioned above, they are in excellent condition in every way. They are also, unfortunately, far too big for any room in the house and my wife has no compunction about selling them despite her Dad's fondness for them. Perhaps she'll change her mind once I get them hooked up.